OPA! - Traditional & new greek folk music!

OPA! is a Malmö-based band of four musicians who plays Greek music. The repertoire consists of the style rembetiko,
the Greek blues, but also a variety of beloved songs sung in Greece today. OPA! has also a repertoire of original songs
with Swedish lyrics. At concerts the music is presented in a manner to adapt the songs to a Swedish audience.

Since the start in 2007 OPA! has played at festivals and other events around in the Nordic countries and in Greece.
OPA! has also represented the cultural life of the City of Malmö at international conferences.
In 2012 OPA! participated in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest (Melodifestivalen) with the song Allting blir bra igen.

With a variety of musical experiences since the start OPA! continues playing and the devotion to Greek music has never
diminished, it only gets bigger for every concert!

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